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Possible typeface 1:We’ve been thinking of using Adobe Garamond Premier Pro as the there are some nice capitals in this set and they work for the front cover title. “Garamond is considered to be among the most legible and readable serif typefaces for use in print (offline) applications.[1] It has also been noted to be one of the most eco-friendly major fonts when it comes to ink usage”-This traditional typeface could be great to use for our zine, in order to convey clarity.Here is some information from Adobes website about the typeface:Garamond Premier Pro had its genesis in 1988, when Adobe senior type designer Robert Slimbach visited the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, to study their collection of Claude Garamond’s metal punches and type designs. Garamond, a French punchcutter, produced a refined array of book types in the mid-1500s which combine an unprecedented degree of balance and elegance, and stand as a pinnacle of beauty and practicality in typefounding. While fine-tuning Adobe® Garamond® (released in 1989) as a useful design suited to modern publishing, Slimbach started planning an entirely new interpretation of Garamond’s designs based on the range of unique sizes he’d seen at the Plantin-Moretus, and on comparable italics cut by Garamond’s contemporary, Robert Granjon.

Jean Pougny [Ivan Puni] (Russian, 1894-1956), Dining Room. Pencil, coloured pencil, ink and collage on paper, 31.5 x 21 cm.

This smells fucking good. Pre-Order Issue 4 here.
MSCED : 064 — Fragrance - 色探し -/Jeepta by cmyka_msced on Flickr.

Jens Dan Johansen